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What Lunch Club is and how it works. 

Our lunch club is a service that is offered to individuals who normally don't get a good wholesome lunch.  Our Program offers 16 meals a month for a low cost of $64.00 

Here's how it work;

In the last couple of days of the month, a representative of Feeding Windsor Essex will come to your building to sign up those who wish to participate as well as to receive the monthly payment.  Payment can be made by either cash or e-transfer. The individual will make their initial 4 meal choices with the Rep, and each week following they must call in their order to the Foodline number 226-722-5656

Meals are delivered Monday 2 meals and Wednesday 2 meals to your door and the portions are usually enough that you could have leftovers. 

Current Locations:

2455 Rivard Ave
920 Ouellette Ave
Cottages on Campbell 604 Mill
255 Riverside Dr. E.
3294 Sandwich St.
120 Oak St.

We are in need of   volunteers

Contact: Stephanie either by e-mail or by messenger on facebook

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