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Media Events

Soup Shack

To provide soup for those who have missed other opportunities during the day for a meal.  

Street Angel Merge

The merger of Street Angels and Feeding Windsor Essex will definitely benefit the community and we look forward to having them join our team.

2019 Promo Vidoe

This is how Feeding Windsor Essex started and some of the services we offer

Soup Shack

Serving those at the end of the day

Soup Shack

Providing for those after the shelters close

Come see us at the Throne of Grace Parking lot

Stuff the Bus

What a great opportunity for the community to get involved and boy did they support us.  Thank you to all who donated as well as all thos who volunteered 

Some early work

Feeding Windsor Essex has been serving the community for over 9 years now and although the need was smaller when we started our heart to serve has grown as we have grown.

Community Meal 

One of our community meals during COVID

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