Why a Pet Food Bank?

When people struggle with food insecurity or are struggling financially they will usually forgo a meal for themselves and make sure that their pet is fed.  This might not make sense to those who are not struggling, but for those who do their pet may be their only source of companionship, and as such, they will look after them first and themselves second.

Pet Food Bank is there to provide their pets with food so that people can take care of themselves

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711 McKewan Ave

Open Fridays 8am-11am

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395 University Ave E
room #105

Open Saturdays 11am-1pm

999 Drouillard Rd


Wednesday and Saturday


Mobile Pet Food Bank

In Partnership with WECHC Street Health Team

 The Street Health Van offers pet food as well as other services such as harm reduction supplies, Hepatitis C testing, Food, etc.  They can meet you where you are or you can call them to find out where they are parked on any given day.  The Street Health Van goes to Windsor, Leamington, Chatham, Colchester, Amherstburg, Harrow, Ruthven, Wheatly, and Walpole Island.  To find out where they are located on any given day or to schedule a meeting with them please call.


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